Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Hire Classes Help outline how we gather and use customer data in the following Privacy Policy. When we make significant changes to our Privacy Policy, we will not provide notice and post the changes on our website.

Personal Information:

Your username, password, and email address are all required information for you to access our services.

Confidentiality of information:

The Company Law Strategy must cover the Data Protection Act's obligations. Then, unless compelled by law, we will not disclose your information with any other parties.

Visit information:

Hire Classes Help utilize the information we collect from our website to better your user experience. We can then utilize this information to better serve consumers in the future by recognizing their geographic location based on their IP address when they visit our website. As a result, we can provide them with localized assistance.

Access to your data:

Students who require this information can contact legal department through email. You'll need to solve a few odd riddles to establish your identity.

Information about our promotions and offers:

For your convenience, we have made all of our offers available online. Hire Classes Help will also send an email with details about our time-sensitive offers and any relevant constraints to the customer's phone number or designated email address.